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Welcome to RugbyGrub! Run by two professional rugby players who love to eat, we’re here to share our knowledge and experience of eating for performance. We believe that having a healthy and effective diet can be tasty, inexpensive and really simple. We started this business in August 2018, simply as recipes and an insight into a professional rugby players diet. We understand that everyones nutritional journey is different, we are proof of that. It does take time to understand nutrition but we are here to simplify it and help you the best we can to the best of our ability.

Our Mission

At RugbGrub our mission is to provide evidence based nutrition education to create an environment where people can thrive and perform to the best of their ability. We use up to date methods to get the best results for that individual backed up by confounding nutritional principles.  


Theo Brophy Clews

II am a Fly Half currently playing in my 5th professional season for London Irish RFC in the English Premiership. I have represented England U18’s and U20’s and made my first team debut at 17. I have a BA hons in Leadership and Management.

I’m a naturally skinny and slightly nerdy guy who has always been into my nutrition and I’m doing this to share the knowledge of myself and the S&C coaches/nutritionist who I have been lucky enough to be taught by. I love to learn so I am fascinated with all the science that is involved with nutrition and get a massive buzz out of practically applying the science to out clients to get the best return on their investment.

Harry Elrington

I am a loose head prop playing for London Irish in my 5th season. I have a BSC in Geography from Loughborough. Really understanding Nutrition and how it plays a role in day to say life whilst being paramount for optimal performance is something I have loved learning about, and will continue to learn on this ever evolving journey.

Having always been a big guy having proper nutrition has been huge in developing my game as a professional player. I’m a self professed foodie and love cooking, I want to show people it can be tasty and easy to make proper food for performance.

RugbyGrub Values

Evidence Based Practice – Use of current best empirical evidence when making decisions about how to practice when providing information and care for clients We combine this with out practitioner expertise and thoroughly consider the characteristics, state, needs and preferences of our clients.

Honesty – What we say and what we do. The belief we have and the way we think we can help our clients. 

Work Ethic – The countless hours it has take to get to where we are in our profession, we want to share our experience with you. Work ethic is engrained within RugbyGrub

Passion – We are living a lot of what we teach because of the massive effect nutrition has on your performance. Our passion for nutrition stems from this.

Work with the individual infront of us – No cookie cutter plans here. It is all about the individual and how best we can help them.

MNU Certified nutritionist

Harry and Theo have recently graduate from Mac Nutrition Uni with distinctions. This means that they are now MNU Certified Nutrionist and are insured under this title. We are part of an evidence based movement, we are desperate to see the integrity of the health and fitness industry to improve.  

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