Bespoke Workshops and Presentations

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Bespoke Nutrition Workshops and Presentations

We love to do public speaking events and our Bespoke workshops and presentations allow us to do this about something we are really passionate about. The presentations that we have done thus far have predominantly been aimed for adolescents between 11-18. We have run workshops about ‘Building your plate’, creating recipes to build your own snack workshops. In addition, we have completed optimal performance nutrition lectures, which we have loved. Our in-house talks can be altered depending on the client and target audience, but we always aim to provide education alongside some practical skills for people to take away.

Cooking workshops – We love to cook! It is a massive part of who we are at RugbyGrub, and it takes us right back to where this all began. We aspire for this service to be very individually catered to the group or client we are working with. This can range from showing the client(s) how to cut up vegetables/knife skills to creating bespoke, delicious tasting meals that they can implement into their own diet. 

What we can include:

  • Cooking workshops
  • Nutrition presentations and Q&A’s
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Team Workshops

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